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North American Steel Structures understands the importance of diversity when it comes to pre-fabricated steel buildings. Our pre-fab buildings are designed to provide quality usable space for all kinds of people, professions and purposes and at an affordable price.


North American Steel Structures understands the importance of diversity when it comes to pre-fabricated steel buildings. Our pre-fab buildings are designed to provide quality usable space for all kinds of people, professions and purposes and at an affordable price.


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How Steel Structures Rule the World

When it comes to the most popular building material in the world, steel is undoubtedly the first one that comes to mind. It is present in nearly every building built in the United States since it first showed up in the frame of the Rand McNally building in Chicago in 1890. But why do we build with steel and not other metals or materials? There is a good reason the North American steel structures run the world, so read on to find out what it is.

It is Incredibly Versatile

Not only is steel strong and versatile, but it is easily customizable, making it the perfect material for structures ranging from skyscrapers, airplane hangars, churches, factories, prefab steel structures, and even soccer fields and less traditional structures. Each can be customized with any finish, windows, and doors available on the open market.

You Can Count on Its Strength

If you are looking to build a prefab steel building, you can depend on it lasting. Steel structures are resistant to man-made and natural wear, withstanding fire, termites, rot, and rust. Because steel structures are so resilient thanks to their flexible and ductile nature, steel is often used in the buildings that are built in designated earthquake zones. Because steel is so strong, you need less of it, making for lighter and more cost-effective builds.

It is Kinder to the Environment than You May Think

Using steel as your main building material is gentle on the environment. Much of the world’s steel is made from recycled materials, so you know that your prefab steel buildings are not adding to the world’s pollution. It is also typically made to order, and thanks to technology being able to measure materials so precisely, there is very little waste involved when using steel. Because of these factors, if a building is no longer needed and is set to be demolished, the steel bits can be reused and recycled for the next project.

According to the World Steel Association, 98% of the materials required to make steel are converted to products and byproducts. In fact, the industry prides itself on setting a goal of zero waste. Over 22 billion tons of steel are estimated to have been recycled since 1900, which helps give steel its 100% recyclability rating.

Wide Open Spaces and Interiors

Because steel is so light, it can support cavernous, gaping spaces without requiring support walls or columns. This capability means that there are literally no encumbrances when it comes to the design of your building. That is why steel is so great for structures like sports stadiums and facilities, factories, and airplane hangars where open floor plans are imperative. A company recently built the largest frame-less steel building in the convex-style in the entire world, a building that houses an international soccer field as well as bleachers, called the Winnipeg Indoor Soccer Facility. Just let that sink in for a moment: frame-less prefabricated steel structures!


Budget and costs are a major consideration for any construction project. Steel is a cost-effective option mainly due to the lack of waste discussed above. In fact, the American Institute of Steel Construction states that buildings framed with or made of steel cost five to seven percent less than the same building built with a concrete foundation.

Expedient Construction

Steel buildings are usually pre-manufactured and then shipped to the build site. They can be both manufactured and assembled quickly and easily. According to studies performed over the years, steel buildings can cut back on construction time by as much as 20 to 40 percent. No matter the size of the project, prefabricated steel buildings allow for fewer points of contact with the earth, meaning a much shorter excavation period and less environmental impact.

It Requires Very Little Maintenance 

 Once a steel structure is erected, the hard work is over. Steel is rust protected and maintains its strength and integrity through nearly all acts of God and man-made calamities. Steel structures essentially take care of themselves, meaning you do not have to.

It Looks Nice and Sleek

While most people likely would not enjoy a stainless-steel home thanks to the stark, industrial aesthetic of the material, it is great for making a statement. Large buildings and skyscrapers really make an impression with the sleek lines and sharp angles that steel provides. It is an incredibly popular finish for things like kitchen appliances as it gives off that lovely shine.

If you are in the market for building materials and want to build a structure that looks great, does not have a harmful impact on the environment, and is incredibly strong and durable, steel is undoubtedly your best option. Talk to some experts in your area to get their recommendations of the best local steel workers and prepare to fall in love with your shiny new structure!

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