As every horse owner undeniably knows, taking care of horses – whether or two or twenty – is no small task. In fact, the amount of work that goes into caring for and maintaining a horse is often so daunting that many individuals will board their horses shortly after purchasing them. 

What these individuals may not know is that prefab steel horse barns and prefab steel riding arenas eliminate the stress of caring for their equine friends. Additionally, the horses themselves benefit from steel barns, stables, and riding arenas. How? First of all, let’s discuss the benefits of prefab metal structures over standard wooden barns and stables. 

Prefab Horse Barns

Benefits of Prefab Steel Barns VS. Wooden Barns

  1. Prefab metal structures save immense amounts of time and money. Your prefab metal horse barn will be manufactured to fit your precise specifications. This means that all you’ll have to do is re-assemble the existing pieces. While your horse barn is being assembled, you can take time to prepare by clearing space and laying the foundation. Once your structure is complete, it will be shipped directly to you – and it will include all of the hardware required for assembly. Not only will this drastically lower costs of labor, but it will lower overall construction costs as well. Finally, because steel structures are so well-insulated, heating and cooling costs will be lowered as well. A time and a money saver, no doubt about it!
  2. Prefab steel horse barns are completely sustainable and environmentally friendly. How can steel possibly be environmentally friendly? What most people fail to realize is that prefab steel is 100% recyclable. It has been proven time and time again that steel is by far one of the most sustainable modern building materials. It doesn’t give off any harmful fumes or gases during construction, and it can easily be reused once its initial purpose has been served.
  3. Steel structures last indefinitely. Prefabricated steel is – by far – the most durable building material available to man. When it comes to building lasting horse barns and stables, the risk of natural disasters almost always needs to be taken into account. Many wooden barns are wiped out by tornadoes, cyclones, and earthquakes. Taking the time to rebuild can completely drain horse owners of their time, money, and resources. Prefab steel barns, however, have been known to last through even the most devastating natural disasters. Wooden barns and stables are also susceptible to issues like termites, wood rot, and rain damage – all things that do not affect prefab steel in the slightest.
  4. Maintenance will be dramatically minimized. While certain parts of wooden barns will require maintenance and intermittent replacement, the costs of maintenance will be minimized significantly with prefab steel horse barns. Once your steel barn is securely in place, it can last for decades with no (to minimal) required maintenance.

Prefab Steel Barns and Feed and Tack Storage 

We at North American Steel understand the inner-workings of a successful horse barn, and we are committed to bringing you both durability and functionality with our expertise in prefabricated steel. Not only is the external design crucial, but we specifically design the stalls and aisles to meet all of your specific needs. Additionally, we understand how important proper feed and tack storage can be to comprehensive functionality. Prefab steel keeps feed dry and safe from potential vermin, and out of reach of your hungry horses! Many horse owners will store feed in large trash bins with loose lids, or in other unsturdy containers, leaving the feed susceptible to contamination. As part of your personally designed prefab horse barn, we will gladly include tamper-free feed storage – which may end up saving you even more time and money in the long run. 

Regardless of the scale of your barn (whether it is small and for personal use or large and commercial), we at North American Steel are able and willing to include tack rooms, designed to keep all of your tack safe and easily accessible. From saddles and bridles to stirrups and riding boots, keeping your gear out of harm’s way is absolutely crucial (if you’re a current horse owner, you know that tack is far from inexpensive)! Tack of all kinds (but especially leather), is susceptible to severe weather damage. If the weather is exceptionally hot and dry or cold and wet, leather can be warped and irreversibly damaged. Additionally, animals may break into tack storage containers and chew through expensive pieces of equipment. Prefab steel guarantees the elimination of tack destruction, allowing you the peace of mind that you deserve.  

North American Steel – Quality You Can Trust 

When using prefab steel to construct your barn, customizations are simple. We at North American Steel are dedicated to constructing the prefab steel horse barn of your dreams – one that will last you decades and maintain its functionality through the years. Every North American Steel structure comes with a long-term warranty; one that assures long-lasting quality and lowered costs of maintenance. Nothing ensures value like prefabricated steel. 

If you’re looking for a quality stable that will keep your horses safe and happy, minimize maintenance, and last for decades, give us at North American Steel a call today!