Riding a horse is no easy feat. First of all, the rider may be inexperienced, and the horse might be untrained, leading to plenty of mishaps if the first ride is done outdoors. Second, any small injuries to the rider or the horse might become serious if there’s no assistance nearby. Third, the changing weather leads to unstable ground, which means trouble for an inexperienced rider. The need for reliable conditions for horse riding led to the appearance of indoor equestrian riding centers where anyone can enjoy a pleasant time horse-riding.

With horse-riding becoming more and more popular, there is an unmet need to provide a safe, comfortable environment for riders and their horses. This unmet need means anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset can start a business running one of these centers, though that doesn’t mean buying a pre-existing one. Prefabricated steel equestrian riding centers allow for quick deployment when the need arises for a horse-riding facility.

What are indoor equestrian riding centers?

They are specialized centers that provide everything for the rider and the horse. In these centers, the rider can gain experience, assistance is available, the ground is well kept, and the weather is always stable. This minimizes the risk of discomfort and injury for both the rider and the horse, allowing the rider to gain valuable experience and confidence.

Thanks to the sturdiness and reliability of steel, prefabricated steel equestrian riding centers provide a safe environment for both riders and their horses. The tight steel seal is also effective at keeping out pests that could potentially bother the rider or the horse or contaminate the feed. Whereas wooden structures do have the extra charm, steel is much more durable, flexible, and eco-friendly. In fact, all the steel used can even be recycled years or decades down the line. Prefabricated steel equestrian riding centers provide an excellent return on investment, especially when you consider long-term maintenance.

What are different types of indoor equestrian riding centers?

All riding centers are meant to accommodate both riders and their horses, providing stalls, service and storage areas, feed and tack rooms, water troughs, and more—but some have additional functions. The exact functions of an indoor equestrian riding center vary depending on what the local market demands and might include special offers for children, young adults, or the elderly, such as birthday parties. Larger centers can also house riding schools, horse care specialists, and other services.

An indoor equestrian riding center should be spacious but also sturdy enough to endure everything from earthquakes to heavy rain and snow. Wood, stone and concrete can’t provide the same flexibility steel can, meaning that prefabricated steel equestrian riding centers allow you maximum freedom in setting up a customized riding center for the local market and expanding as needed afterwards. Such a center built out of wood would eventually have to undergo extensive maintenance to protect the wood from rot, mold, and pests, adding to the upkeep costs.

Prefabricated steel equestrian riding centers are immune to these forms of deterioration, providing comprehensive functionality at the lowest possible cost per square foot. When you decide to expand, prefab steel allows for an easy setup thanks to our dedicated and experienced construction teams that can assemble the parts on the spot. We also provide you with extensive warranties; if properly maintained, prefabricated steel equestrian riding centers can last for generations.

How to choose an indoor equestrian riding center?

The ideal riding center should satisfy the needs of the rider and the horse in an effortless way that saves time and money. For the rider, this means having enough storage for the apparel, safety gear, and footwear. For the horse, this means storage for tack (which usually consists of leather that warps and cracks when exposed to the elements) and storage for feed.

Tack is by no means cheap, and losing it can be a devastating blow, which is why we at

North American Steel can provide you with high quality tack and feed storage with your order of a prefabricated steel equestrian riding center. We will also send out a team to survey the chosen spot for the center and advise you on how best to proceed with construction, which is always done in accordance with regulations.

Manufactured parts are shipped to the chosen location and assembled in line with your instructions, cutting down on labor costs. We will also provide you with long-term planning to ensure your vision comes to life. Ultimately, we all want to create something self-sustainable that benefits future generations.

Why use an indoor equestrian riding center?

The cost of owning a horse is steadily rising and the cost of feed alone can go to thousands of dollars, catching the owner by surprise. Then, there are added costs of vet and farrier visits that can also rack up thousands of dollars very quickly. On the other hand, the owner of the center will be able to amortize the expenses much more easily. Indoor equestrian riding centers allow for an enjoyable but also affordable experience in horse riding.

In bad weather, riding a horse becomes uncomfortable and dangerous. If riders wish to prepare for a competition, they must resort to using an indoor equestrian riding center. Prefabricated steel equestrian riding centers leverage the strength and durability of steel to provide for large riding spaces without any columns or obstacles at a low cost, creating controlled weather conditions where the rider can prepare without any worries.

North American Steel – Durable, Reliable Quality

We proudly provide a whole range of prefabricated steel structures, such as warehouses and barns, to accompany an indoor equestrian center. Don’t allow poor planning and unreliable construction to sink your entrepreneurial dreams; think ahead and get in touch with us. From the start, opt for the highest quality materials and personnel, both of which you will get working with North American Steel.