Prefab Growhouses

When you think of farming, you likely think of expansive fields, tractors, and contented cows roaming free amongst the pasture. You likely do not think of prefab steel grow houses; ergonomically designed, modern-day greenhouses, complete with multiple levels of vertical farms. Well, the imagery that “farming” conjures up might very well change – and very soon.  Within the past several years, indoor farming has quickly proved itself to be the undeniable future of urban farming. Unfortunately, the lack of consistency when it comes to urban farming has lead to the need for innovation, and prefab growhouses may just be the answer that modern farmers have been searching for. 

Prefabricated Grow House Indoor

Indoor farming often utilizes prefab growhouses, and allows farmers to grow any crop they choose at any time of the year – in any climate. For many decades, the production of crops has been limited to environments with favorable land and weather conditions. Because of the massive population increase, these outdated methods of fair-weather farming are no longer sustainable. Whereas traditional agricultural methods rely heavily on external conditions, indoor farming – using prefab growhouses – allows farmers to control their own internal climate, therefore producing a bounty of healthy crops that would otherwise only be available at certain times of the year. 

Prefab Growhouses and The Rise of the Cannabis Industry

Of course, with the rapid state-by-state legalization of marijuana, indoor grow operations have taken on a whole new level of importance. According to a recent study conducted by Grand View Research, the American market is expected to exceed $140 billion within the next decade. Cultivators across the country are pouring thousands of dollars into adequate grow operations, but unfortunately, many are losing money. This is mainly due to the sensitivity of the marijuana plant, and the extremely specific conditions the plant requires in order to grow. The majority of cultivators attempt to make modifications to existing buildings, which results in limited growing space and an inability to successfully control internal climate. 

Not only are prefab growhouses surprisingly cost-effective, but they allow for complete customization, and ensure controllable growing conditions and lasting durability. Firstly, labor costs will be dramatically lowered. You will design your customized prefab growhouse, and we at North American Steel will simply send you the parts and the required hardware. You will not need to hire any construction professionals; you can easily assemble to prefabricated steel parts with little labor or instruction. 

Customizing Your Prefab Growhouse

One of the biggest benefits to opting for a prefab steel growhouse over a growhouse of any other material is the ability to customize. Cannabis requires a great deal of light in order to grow. In many instances, cultivators will install expensive lighting structures inside of their growhouses – lighting structures that could potentially cost thousands of dollars and still prove unreliable. Natural sunlight is far better for stem and leaf growth in the marijuana plant, and prefab steel growhouses can easily be customized to include large skylights – which allow for natural sunlight all day long (depending on the season, of course). The skylights that we at North American Steel provide are not only easy to install, they are exceptionally durable. They’re resistant to most extreme weather patterns, such as wind, hail, and snow. 

Sunlight isn’t the only thing that plants need in order to thrive. One of the most important components of every effective growhouse is adequate ventilation; plants – including cannabis – will not grow unless they have access to the appropriate amount of fresh air. Additionally, the accumulation of condensation can harm plants irreparably. We at North American Steel construct our ventilation systems so that insects cannot break into our prefab greenhouses – insects that often also lead to irreparable damage. 

Designing the Right Prefab Growhouse to Meet Your Needs

When it comes to customization, we don’t stop at necessary components such as skylights and proper ventilation. We allow you, the customer, to design every detail of your growhouse, down to additional rooms and other unique features. Many farmers and cultivators benefit from attached storage rooms and washrooms. No matter what your needs, we at North American Steel are available to help. Our experienced team of professionals will be by your side every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the assembly. If you find that your customizations aren’t quite what you’d thought they’d be, or if you’d like to make some changes after assembly – no problem! You are more than able to make any necessary adjustments after the prefab growhouse has been installed. 

What Sets Prefab Steel Apart? 

Clearly, prefab steel is a great option when it comes to farming of any kind. But what sets North American Steel apart from the rest? First of all, our experienced team of industry professionals works hard to make themselves available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what, our customers take priority. Furthermore, we take standards seriously. Our prefab steel is extremely high quality; the very best that money can buy. Whereas most other greenhouse are considered an ‘expenditure’, our growhouses are nothing short of an investment. Because our buildings can be re-customized at any time, they can keep up with constantly changing industry standards and internal growth. 

Whether your company is looking to make the transition to indoor farming, you are beginning a new business endeavor, or you need a more liable, durable, and consistent growhouse, we at North American Steel are here to help. Call us today for an initial consultation – we look forward to hearing from you soon!