Prefabricated Steel Warehouses

When it comes to warehousing, you want something that is strong, durable, and can properly protect your inventory. You also want to make sure that the building offers enough space; yet, you want it to be built as quickly as possible, and you want it to be cost-effective, too.

There’s a solution that can tick all of these items off of your list: a prefabricated steel warehouse. Whether you’re storing food, furniture, paper goods, electronics, personal care items, toys, tools – or anything else – a prefabricated warehouse is the perfect solution for all of your storage needs.  Let North American Steel Structures help you plan and build a structure that will last a lifetime. 

What is a Prefabricated Steel Warehouse?

Prefabrication refers to the process of assembling the different components of a building in a factory and then transporting the building to the site where it will be used. All types of structures can be prefabricated, including warehouses, and these structures can be made out of a variety of materials, including steel; therefore, a prefabricated steel warehouse – you guessed it – a warehouse made of steel that has been built at a factory, transported to a site, and then secured to the foundation where the warehouse will be located.

Prefabricated steel warehouses have been around for quite some time. When they first came onto the scene, the styles and sizes of these buildings were pretty limited; they were often thought of as drab structures, as there were only a few options available. However, that’s no longer the case. As technology has advanced, so have the capabilities of these structures. Today, they can be designed in a variety of designs, sizes, and colors; in fact, they can even resemble works of art! Working with a designer and a contractor, you can have a customize warehouse designed to suit your specific needs. The options truly are limitless.

Benefits of a Prefabricated Steel Warehouse

Prefab steel warehouses have become incredibly popular over the years. Manufacturers, business owners, and professionals across various industries are using these structures for their warehousing needs. If you’re in need of a warehouse and you’re not sure if a prefab warehouse is the right choice for you, the following benefits will be sure to convince you…

  • Prefab steel is Cost-effective.

When professionals are in need of a prefabricated warehouses, cost is a major factor that they take into consideration. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly storage option, you can’t beat a prefab steel warehouse. Because they’re produced in a warehouse and the construction is largely automated, the labor that’s required to build these structures is significantly less than the labor needed to build a standard storage facility.

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Furthermore, there’s less material waste, which helps to reduce costs; and, construction is completed much faster. Additionally, steel is a lot lighter than the materials that are used to create a traditional warehouse, which means that they can securely stand on a foundation on a less costly foundation. All of these factors combined means that the cost of constructing a prefab warehouse is significantly less than the expense of a warehouse that’s constructed on-site; in fact, the savings can be as much as 50 percent – if not more!

  • Reduced cooling costs.

Not only do steel warehouses cost less to build, but they also cost less to cool. Steel reflects the UV rays of the sun, which means that the structure – and therefore, the contents within it – will absorb less heat. The cooling costs of a prefabricated steel warehouse can be up to 50 percent less than the cost of cooling a traditional warehouse. Take a sneak peek at prefabricated horse barns.

  • Steel warehouses are durable.

There’s no doubt that you want your warehouse to be as durable as possible. Compared to the materials that traditional warehouses are built out of (wood, concrete, brick, etc), steel is much more durable. This material is sturdy and water resistant, so it can withstand heavy winds, soaking rains, and earthquakes with ease. There’s also no need to worry about infestations of pests, like termites, carpenter ants, and other insects that can dismantle entire wood structures.

  • They require minimal maintenance.

Because steel is so incredible durable, prefab warehouses that are made out of this material are incredibly easy to maintain. For example, unlike wood, there’s no need to worry about staining them, and mortar doesn’t have to be filled in, like brick buildings. A simple power washing every so often is all that’s needed to maintain these residential buildings.

  • They’re customizable.

As mentioned, prefab steel warehouses can be made in any shape, size, and design. They can be designed to look like other materials, blend in with the surroundings of the environment, or stand out and make a bold statement. They can be small and compact or expansive and spacious. The design possibilities are almost endless, so you can choose a unique structure that truly suits your needs.

  • Steel buildings are flexible.

After construction, the design and size of a prefabricated steel building can be easily modified. If you need to chance the layout or add more space you can easily do so by changing the location of interior walls, adding and removing walls and floors, or repositioning openings within the stricter.

You can add additional floors, or add more units to expand the square footage. While changing the layout and size of traditional prefabricated workshops and warehouses, such as wood and brick, is possible, doing so requires significantly more materials and is a lot more labor intensive; furthermore, depending on the construction of a traditional warehouse, expansion may not be possible.

  • They’re eco-friendly.

If reducing your carbon footprint is important (and it should be), then purchasing a prefabricated warehouse made of steel is the way to go. Steel is completely recyclable; as a matter of fact, a large percentage of the steel that is used in the construction of these aviation buildings has been recycled from other items. If you ever decide to have your steel warehouse taken down, the steel can be recycled and reused for other projects. Because they’re completely recyclable, opting to use a prefabricated steel warehouse can help to reduce landfill waste and improve the health of the planet.

  • Faster results.

In the business world, time is of the essence. Because ever structure is designed and manufactured to exact specifications, and they are built for fast and simple assembly. The preparations that need to be made at the site of installation can be completed while the structure is being constructed so that it’s ready for installation as soon as the warehouse is built. Faster construction means faster results, and faster results means improved productivity for your business or agricultural buildings.

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Prefabricated Steel Warehouses: Suiting All of Your Needs

Given how cost effective, customizable, durable, flexible, and eco-friendly prefabricated steel warehouses are, its’ easy see why so many companies across so many industries are taking advantage of these structures. No matter what your warehousing needs may be, you can be sure that a steel prefab warehouse will not only meet them, but exceed them.

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