Prefab Grow Houses

Indoor farming has grown in popularity as a way to grow food and other types of vegetation and plants all year long. Outdoor growing, while ideal, can be unpredictable. Factors like bad weather or drought can have devastating effects on crops during the growing season. Then there is winter. The time of the year when there is almost no opportunity to farm in the great outdoors.

For growers who are serious about raising healthy crops all year round, prefabricated steel grow houses are a cost-effective solution for growing in a controlled environment.

Factors such as lighting, temperature, air exchanges, and feeding schedules can all get controlled, resulting in healthier, more vibrant plants regardless of the season. Additionally, an indoor growing environment protects plants from insects, animals, and disease that potentially put crops – and your investment – at risk. That is never a favorable outcome for farmers or hard-working entrepreneurs.

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Why Choose A Prefabricated Grow House?

There are many reasons a prefabricated steel building is ideal for use as grow houses. With an extensive and open layout, there are virtually no obstructions in the way. All interior areas of the building can get used to cultivate plants and vegetation. If needed, the interior can get framed out to create specialized rooms to raise specific plant varieties or support growth during different stages of the plant lifecycle.

Clean rooms and other work areas are helpful for preparing new plants and seedlings, or processing harvested crops and readying them for shipment or distribution.

Durable, Functional Grow Buildings

Prefabricated steel structure grow buildings by North American Steel Structures are cost-effective, customizable, durable, and functional buildings that are built to last the test of time. They are designed to help your agricultural business grow without many of the unpredictable factors that can ruin outdoor crops, allowing you to produce all year long.

Our team is happy to help new builders create a custom prefabricated grow building that meets their needs, whether for personal or commercial (rental) use. You can rely on us to help with a design that helps you reach your agricultural goals, whatever they may be.

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