Prefab Horse Barns

As a horse owner or horse boarder, it is essential to provide your valued livestock with exceptional living quarters. Additionally, you want to be sure that you are making the best investment for you and your prized horses. North American Steel Structures offers high-quality horse barns for private owners and equestrian-based businesses.

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Durable and Cost Effective Prefabricated Barns

When deciding what type of barn is right for your property and business objectives, many factors should get considered. While wooden barns are always a traditional option, over the long-term, they can become upkeep intensive. Weather conditions such as extreme heat, cold, rain, snow, and wind can damage wood and cause the need for expensive repairs.

With prefabricated steel barns, the problems of wood barns disappear. To help assure that our prefabricated residential buildings meet client needs, our team of experts works directly with the customer to discuss their project.

Factors such as local weather and shelter requirements get assessed to customize the horse barns and riding areas, regardless of whether you board two horses or twenty of them! Our goal is to keep your animals safe and secure at all times. We create equestrian buildings that stand the test of time – and all-weather conditions!

Customized Barns Are One of Our Specialties!

If you’ve dreamed of building a barn that has all the ‘bells and whistles’ to make your life easier, North American Steel Structures can make it happen. Your imagination only limits you. Do you want to add new hay shed, additional stables or a livestock building? Thinking about opening up a new horse arena? Let us help you make that wish become a reality. We use only the finest materials for all of our prefabricated agricultural buildings project, no matter how big or small the structure!

Benefits of Prefabricated Barns

There is little doubt that designing a functional barn area takes time and planning. By investing in a prefabricated horse barns, you can assure that you have all the space you need for your prized mares, stallions, colts, fillies, and foals.

The absence or limited use of wood throughout the exterior and interior minimizes damages caused by kicking or cribbing. Cribbing occurs when horses chew on the wood in their surroundings. Not only can cribbing potentially injure horses, but it can also compromise the safety and integrity of the barn structure.

Why to Choose North American Steel Structures for Your Prefab Steel Horse Barn
  • We are a leader in providing durable prefabricated steel buildings. North American Steel Structures has served clients across the United States unmatched quality agricultural steel buildings price since (*year founded.)
  • Prefabricated barns and agricultural buildings from North America Steel Structures are innovative, durable, and easy to maintain. Our agricultural buildings meet or exceed industry standards so that you can buy with confidence! Do checkout our prefabricated riding arenas services. We also provide services for prefabricated workshops and prefabricated warehouses.
  • North America Steel Structures offers a wide variety of designs, color schemes, and other options for the exterior of your building. Design a structure that is bold and spirited or one that complements your existing buildings. The choice is up to you!
  • All agricultural structures get crafted and designed to offer flexibility. Regardless of whether your barn is for personal use or commercial operations, North American Steel Structures understands it is a long-term investment. If your needs change over time, prefabricated barns are adaptable.

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