Prefab Riding Arenas

Riding Area Indoors

If you are in the business of training or boarding horses, having plenty of space to use as riding arenas is a significant selling point for your operations. Undoubtedly, indoor and outdoor riding space adds more value to customers who enjoy the convenience of having this amenity at the same location as their stable.

Indoor riding arenas make working with horses more enjoyable all seasons of the year. Inclement weather such as rain, snow, extreme heat or cold, and wind don’t limit access to training and working with the animals.

Prefabricated Indoor Arenas

As a horse owner or horse boarder, access to an indoor arena provides a sheltered environment where animals can get trained or ridden regularly all year long. Indoor horse-riding arenas are a wise investment for any equestrian-based business model.

Regardless of whether you are a private owner or you have commercial interests, North American Steel Structures offers high-quality prefabricated steel riding arenas to meet your individual needs.

Outdoor Preab Riding Area

Cost Effective and Durable Indoor Horse Arenas

Riding Area Prefabricated

When deciding if an indoor riding or show arena is right for your business model or personal objectives, it is worth evaluating what type of material you should build with. Wooden barns have long been a traditional favorite. However, timber barns don’t come without their own set of maintenance and upkeep issues. Timber is susceptible to damage caused by age, sun, heat, cold, rain, and snow. Over time, it leads to costly repairs.

Prefabricated steel barns by North American Steel Structures eliminate the issues that wood barns experience. We work with clients to assure that our steel buildings meet their specific requirements.

Our team evaluates your project, as well as local weather conditions, are assessed to create custom riding arenas or show arenas. Our goal is to build riding arenas that are best suited for their location to meet client requirements.

Reinvision Your Riding Arena or Arena!

If you’ve dreamed of adding or building a custom riding arena, Choose North American Steel Structures to make it happen. Our prefabricated buildings are durable and customizable. We only use the highest quality building materials for riding arenas, no matter how big or small the structure!

Safe and Strong Steel Structures

At North American Steel Structures, safety is always the priority. Regardless of whether you want to add a sheltered riding space for personal or commercial use, our prefabricated steel structures are a wise investment.

Our clients love these structures because they are attractive, innovative, and durable. Easy maintenance is another considerable advantage over traditional wooden barns that are susceptible to damage from weathering.

All of our prefabricated steel structure buildings meet or exceed industry standards. Our valued clients can buy from us with confidence!

Customers can choose from a wide variety of color schemes, designs, and sizes to customize an attractive, durable building that stands out! One of the best selling points is that our buildings offer flexible space that can get configured to meet our client’s exact specifications.

Prefabricated Riding Arena

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