Prefab Steel Warehouses

Your inventory is your livelihood. Without a safe, secure and reliable warehouse in which to keep your inventory, your long-term success could become severely limited. A prefabricated warehouse provides the answers you need when it comes to making sure that your inventory maintains its value. Let North American Steel Structures help you plan and build a structure that will last a lifetime.

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Benefits of a Prefabricated Warehouse

Prefabricated steel warehouses are created to a precise set of specifications before being shipped for assembly. This means that the time on site is going to be a great deal less than it would be with a frame or masonry style construction. Some other important benefits include:

  • Reduced Maintenance. Mold, mildew, termites and structural breakdown often go unseen behind stacked crates. Their damage can become extensive and costly before you even become aware of the problem.
  • Resistance to Elements. Your inventory will remain more secure in prefabricated steel warehouses because they are more resistant to fire, lightening, high winds and heavy snow loads.
  • Set Cost and Delivery. Cost overages and construction delays do not take place when building a prefabricated warehouses. They are delivered and assembled on time.
  • Larger Spans. There is greater structural integrity to provide for taller and/or broader structures, which allows your floor space to be free of structural members to navigate around.

Cost-Effective Longevity

Not only do you want to keep your inventory safe, but you also want to have more cash on hand to invest into additional inventory. A prefabricated residential building provides you with that extra cash by being both cost-effective and providing you with greater building longevity.

Not only do the repair costs of replacing damaged structure add up quickly, but regular maintenance costs tend to be higher when maintaining masonry and wood frame structures. You will save these expenses as well as save money on your initial agricultural building investment with a prefabricated steel warehouse.

Another way you will reap greater rewards across the board with prefabricated steel warehouses and workshops is in durability and longevity. These buildings stand up to the demands that weather and usage put upon them for a much longer term than most other types of warehouse structures.

Customize Your Project

Though your project is prefabricated in our factory, shipped, and then assembled, its design specifications are created according to how you want them. Door sizes and types of doors, the addition of windows, the location of skylights and/or translucent panels are up to you. There are also a variety of colors and styles for finishing out your warehouse the way you want it. Also,take a sneak peek at prefabricated grow houses service.

Why let North American Steel Structures design and build your warehouse?

Integrity is something that our company takes seriously. We provide you with all of the necessary information you need to make your decision upfront without adding on items or costs you weren’t aware of along the way. We want the whole process to be transparent from start to finish and allow you to have input in critical design decisions instead of surprising you once the building is delivered. We put you first in the process, understanding that your building is important to you, so it is also important to us. We understand diversity and the broad variety of needs our customers have and we pride ourselves in being able to adapt to the individual needs of our clients.

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