Prefabricated riding arenas are enclosures designed for horse riding that have been assembled at a manufacturing site then transported to the location. Their purpose is to enable horse riding regardless of the weather conditions. Unlike the conventional construction, prefab riding arenas takes a shorter time to complete and can be done on any terrain.

They are preferred by most people nowadays because they are easier and cheaper to maintain unlike traditional riding arenas made mostly from timber. Timber is easily damaged by extreme weather conditions and experience wear and tear as they age. Prefabricated riding arenas, on the other hand, require assessment of the local weather conditions after which they are designed from material suitable to that weather. We offer high quality prefabricated horse barns according to one’ requirements.

Types Of Prefabricated Riding Arenas

There are two types of prefab riding arenas: open and closed riding arenas. The type of climate in that locality usually determines which type of arena to go for.

The closed riding arena is much more suitable to cold climates. The walls are insulated to allow for heating and cooling whenever necessary. This ensures comfortable riding conditions for both the horse and the rider.

For warmer weather, it is advisable to go for an open riding arena. In such a case, the prefab riding arena is a roof-only structure. This helps in keeping the costs of energy on the minimum as there is no need for heating and cooling.

Prefabricated Riding Arena

Reasons Why You Should Use A Prefabricated Riding Arena

One of the biggest reasons why you should go for a prefab riding arena is that they have room for expansion in the future. Unlike traditionally-built arenas, it would cost much less to expand prefabricated riding arenas.

They also allow maximum space for riding since they have no pillars or columns. You can enjoy your riding unobstructed. All the space within the arena is accessible to the rider. This means that stalls for the horse and washrooms can also be constructed within the arena.

Prefabricated riding arenas are constructed off site and delivered to the location when ready for assembling. They also come with step-by-step instruction manuals to help in putting them up. Our experienced team at North American Steel Structures will help you in setting up your arena. This will save you money on labor costs.

The durability of prefabricated riding arenas is also one of its strengths. Since they are made from steel designed to meet specific requirements, they are stronger and last longer as compared to timber used on traditional arenas. The arenas also come with extensive warranties to save you on repair costs should something go wrong. The arena can last for generations if well taken care of.

Our prefab riding arenas are designed with safety in mind. The regulatory building codes are adhered to when designing and fabricating the arenas at the manufacturing site. The walls and the roof are sealed to keep out vermin, bugs and moisture. You don’t have to worry about rotting and molding. North American Steel Structures will also send a team to do an assessment of the location where the arena will be erected to ensure it meets the safety standards.

Metal Buildings

The materials used in the manufacture of prefabricated riding arenas make the arenas easy to clean and sanitize. You don’t have to worry about your arena looking shabby. The prefab riding arena is guaranteed to have a pristine look, the way a riding arena should. You can maintain a constant climate inside the arena in spite of the weather conditions without spending much on energy. Besides that, they are environment friendly.

Prefab riding arenas are made from steel, which is versatile. This means that it can be customized into different sizes and shapes without losing its strength. The versatility allows for easy customization of the arena.

Lastly, prefab riding arenas are attractive and have an aesthetic look about them. The arenas can also be customized to your tastes and preferences without jeopardizing the other quality standards. This ensures you have a wonderful and comfortable horse riding experience. Traditional timber riding arenas tend to have a dull look about them, especially after the wood starts aging.

What To Consider When Looking For A Prefab Riding Arena

It can be heartbreaking to see your dreams of a beautiful prefab riding arena fizzle out due to of lack of knowledge and poor planning. Here are some things you need to factor in when going for a prefab riding arena:

Put safety first

It is important to put the safety of the people and horses as a priority. Ensure that the materials used are sturdy and durable. If it’s a commercial arena, have numerous exits for the public. It is important to check the safety requirements with the local authorities. Don’t miss to checkout our prefabricated workshops and prefab warehouses.

The location where the prefab arena will be installed

An area that is leveled would be preferable to save you from incurring extra costs in excavation, soil removal and drainage. If the site is compacted, give it some time before you start building. Build a gravel border within 10 foot of the site for drainage when it rains to prevent mud puddles. Foundations should be made of gravel layers and compacted with stone dust on top.

Circulation of air and light

Allowing natural circulation of air and light within the arena will save you on electricity costs and make it cheaper to run the arena. Sidelights are also recommended over roof lights as they are easier to reach when cleaning and cover larger areas.

Prefab Steel Workshops

Quality work

Not all prefab manufacturers have the same quality of materials and workmanship. We at North American Steel Structures work with licensed engineers. We have the best team in the industry and we guarantee quality usable prefab riding arenas.

The costs involved

Most dreams of a prefabricated riding arena crumble because of poor financial planning. Besides the installation costs, keep in mind the other costs too such as maintenance, licensing and add-on costs. You can get a free quote from our website.

There are also other factors to consider such as local building permits and warranty of the arena.

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